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Early Technicolor musicals masterpost

When talkies came out in 1928, along with the second color process in 1922, nothing seemed more mesmerizing and real for the audiences of these films than combining both. This process peeked during 1929, the year they were introduced, and the early 1930s. These sequences would have been filmed in technicolor but a black and white print would have also been kept. Nowadays many of them are lost or only exist in black and white, as technicolor is strongly effected by nitrate decomposition. The first all-talking musical to have been filmed entirely in technicolor was "On with the Show"which is now known to be lost.

List of Technicolor sequences and full films

I want to be bad (1930) 

The Rogue Song (1930)

Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929)

It’s a Great Life (1929)

Rio Rita (1929)

The Lockstep (1930)

Whoopee (part 1 of 10) (1930)

Makin Whoopee (1930) 

Glorifying the American Girl (1929)

Dancing the Devil away (1930)

The Cuckoos (1930)

Follow Thru (1930) (Part 1 of 10)

I’m Sailing on a sunbeam (1929)

Devil may Care (1929)

Chinese Fantasy (1929)

The Hades Ballet (1930)

A girl and a fan and a fellow (1930)



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